EFT FAN TOKEN (EFF) is a group of investors inspired by the ETH Fan Token Ecosystem (EFT). We are EFT’s Fan, a Token for all those who love the notion of earning Ethereum (ETH) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20. Binance-Pegged Ethereum (B-ETH) has all the price action and price impacts of ERC-20 ETH but can be transacted with a negligible amount of gas fees on the BSC. This is the epitome of intellectual utilization of blockchain successfully deployed by ETH Fan Token Ecosystem (EFT). 

As a fan token, EFF will be supporting EFT with our tokenomics that will buyback-reward EFT and buyback-burn EFT. In addition, there will be a weekly lottery pool with B-ETH as the jackpot for lucky long-term holders.  

EFF is a crypto product born to serve its purpose as a Fan Token of EFT. We are not competing with EFT. In fact, we are solely formed to help promote EFT. There will be no doubt that both EFT and non-EFT holders who invest with EFF will enjoy the privileges of EFT’s Infinite-Compounding-Loop token mechanism precisely because every holder of EFF will be rewarded with EFT.


The term “Fan Token” is a relatively new expression in the crypto space.

It has taken the concept of “reflections” and innovatively revolutionized it in the form of dividends that are offered to holders of a Fan Token. Where a typical token rewards holders with reflections in the same native token, a Fan token will pay dividends to its holder in a different token altogether – a token they are a fan of, in our case, EFT.

Benefits that can be expected by investing in EFT Fan Token: Earning dividends in the form of EFT and hence, diversifying the holder’s investment. Contributing direct price impact of EFT, driving the price movement in an upward trend as well as providing stability. Consequently, increasing the value of the holder’s investment simultaneously. Entitled to indulge in the full tokenomics of the EFT Ecosystem. Every dividend sent to holders, in the form of EFT and ETH will be free of gas fees.


  • Lucrative prize pool of up to $5,000 weekly
  • Be lucky and win as high as 15% of the prize pool!
  • High chance of winning – 15 lucky investors will be picked each week
  • Minimum holding of 10,000,000 $EFF to be eligible for entry



4% on buy / 4% on sell for Automatic Buyback for EFT Dividends Pay-out

EFF will be dedicating 4% of the transaction taxes to the purchase of EFT on the open market for dividend pay-outs – providing direct positive price impact to EFT. These accumulated dividends will be sent to EFF holders proportional to the amount of EFF tokens held by the holder.

1% on buy / 1% on sell for Automatic Buyback Burn EFT

EFF will be devoting 1% of the transactions to purchase EFT on the open market and then sending it to the dead wallet. This results in decreasing the total circulating supply to allow EFT to be more deflationary and reshaping the EFT price and Liquidity Pool to supply ratio – generating a healthier market trend for EFT.

1% on buy / 1% on sell for Automatic Burn EFF

Inspired by EFT Ecosystem, EFF will also strive to befit the deflationary token criteria by allocating 1% of the transactions to automatically collect EFF on each transaction and accumulate it before sending it to the dead wallet. Subsequently, increasing the value of EFF over time.

3% on buy / 3% on sell for Marketing and Promotion

In order to facilitate continuous marketing campaigns, EFF will be preserving 3% of the transactions in the marketing pool. This reserve will be used to incorporate marketing activities such as Crypto Influencers, Youtubers, and Marketing Agencies into our marketing strategy. This will ensure high visibility of EFF all the time – afterwards, ensuring prominent growth of the project.

2% on buy / 2% on sell for Auto Liquidity Pool

As a means to create a strong Liquidity Pool, EFF will be securing 2% of the transactions into the Auto Liquidity Pool. This will be used to create a stronger Liquidity Pool to supply ratio, establishing a foundation for steadfast growth to potentially allow long term trading. To further support this objective, liquidity will be locked on Pink Sale for 2 years.

1% on buy / 1% on sell for B-ETH Lottery Pool

The key element of this project that further qualifies EFF as an EFT Fan Token is the B-ETH lottery pool. Established solely to complement EFT’s distinct concept of rewarding Ethereum on the Binance Smart Chain, EFF is committing 1% of the transactions into the B-ETH Lottery Pool. This lottery pool will be drawn on a weekly basis for 15 lucky winners.




Our BEP-20 Smart Contract is as follow :
We recommend verifying it on BSC SCAN.

By purchasing any amount of EFF, you will be eligible for the EFT dividend.

Be sure to add the EFT contract address to your wallet in order to see your rewards

Since EFT pays B-ETH rewards, you will also need to add the B-ETH contract address to your wallet

Dividends are automatically sent to your wallet. You can also claim your dividend manually by connecting your wallet to our dashboard and paying a small BSC gas fee.

A holder must have a minimum of 10,000,000 $EFF tokens in their wallet to be eligible for the Weekly Ethereum Lottery. In addition, the holder must have held the tokens for a minimum of 5 days.

Lottery winnings will be manually sent to your wallet. Be sure to add the B-ETH contract address to your wallet in order to see your rewards

To ensure a fairer mechanism for our beloved investors irrespective of the share of their investments, we will use a mathematical approach to normalize the winning chances – known as a Logarithmic Functions.

By normalizing the chances, discrepancy in the probability of winning between large and small investors will be decreased – while still allowing the largest investors to be at a slight advantage.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.